The Experience

My take on boudoir photography is untamed and inspired glamour. If you’re looking for romantic photos of yourself that are beautiful, timeless, and that will leave you feeling like a million dollars, then you’ve found the right photographer. These sessions are meant to capture the real, beautiful you, and help you reconnect with your self-love journey. Boudoir is all about stripping away the pressure the world puts on you to be a certain way, and embracing what makes you uniquely beautiful. I love boudoir sessions because I love working with real women and creating an experience and images that leave every woman with a renewed sense of self confidence. It’s my job to understand the female body and to find the most flattering poses for your body type and personality, so you can relax, enjoy and feel sexy in your own skin. 


What happens first…


Before your session, we will schedule a phone consultation to go through the entire scope of planning your session. Expect this to chat fest to last 20-40 minutes while we talk about you, what you're looking for, special dates to consider (if you're doing this with a partner in mind), and what you're hoping to achieve in your session (like, I dunno, gaining a new perspective on your incredible self, or the ability to see why your love can’t take their hands off of you!).

We will also discuss the entire vibe your session will have. Location, emotions you’re hoping to achieve, adding the personal touches that make it you and everything that makes you feel sexy will be discussed! We'll also plan the look you want and chat about wardrobe, and what pieces you should look for while shopping! Babe, this process is so that I can tell YOUR story. This session is about being you, and me showing you how flawless that notion is.


The Day of Your Session…


On the day of your session, you'll show up and will be swept away and pampered from head to toe, like the Goddess you are. I'll have prepared for your session in the days and weeks leading up to your session and we'll discuss it all and get better acquainted while you get transformed into your best self in our hair and make up chair.

From there, and depending on which session you choose, we will work with one another for a two to four hour period, ensuring we get variety and perfection for the next step in the process.

Tons of women stop at this point and go: holy crap—there’s no way I can do this. Let me tell you, you are so wrong! All of my clients have told me the hardest part of doing these sessions is showing up. It sounds terrifying, but we’re here for you, and it’s going to be WAY easier than you could have imagined!


After your amazing day…


Finally, we'll meet once more, and this is when I get to show you how magical you are.

So many women tell me that I make them look good, but the truth is, I just show you your best—and babe, your best is inside. You FEEL beautiful during the experience, so you look stunning in your photos. I am not some magician, I just show you what I see.

After I’ve stunned you with your own deliciousness, you’ll choose which images you can't possibly part from and we’ll discuss final product desires and design your incredible artwork from start to finish, walking together through the options until you’ve got artwork and gifts as unique as you are, individually.

Product orders are due in full at this appointment, learn about our pre-session payment plans if you’d like to make the total cost more manageable by spreading it out prior to your session date!

The Goddess Session

Inquire For Pricing

~ 8X8 Classic Album with 20 images

~ Matching Digital Files

~ 2 Hour Photoshoot

~5-6 Outfits

~Complimentary Hair & Makeup

~Wardrobe Styling

~ Professional Posing and Image Editing

~45 Minute Massage Certificate

The Dream Session


~ 90 Minute Photoshoot

~3-4 Outfits

~Complimentary Hair & Makeup

~Wardrobe Styling

~ Professional Posing and Image Editing

Sessions are booked Monday - Thursday beginning at 9 or 10 am. I am happy to arrange an after hours session for you for a $150 convenience fee. Summer hours are subject to change due to increased light availability.