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One of the best parts of being a photographer is the ability to travel and offer my services to some of the smaller villages in Southeast Alaska like Petersburg. 

Named after Norwegian immigrant Peter Buschmann, Petersburg is rich in Tlingit Indian, fishing, and Scandinavian history.  Having grown accustomed to the Russian and Tlingit culture of Sitka I was very pleasantly surprised to find this little Norwegian gem.

Because of the Scandinavian descent Petersburg has been dubbed "Alaska's Little Norway." And as the photos below show, the Scandinavian flag is featured prominently in a lot of their decorating.

History of the fishing industry has been linked back to the Tlingit Indians using the area as summer fish camps. Today, Petersburg is home to one of most productive and diverse commercial fishing fleets in Alaska. Because the fishing industry in Petersburg is prominent, there is no shortage of delicious fresh seafood to try. Though I may be a mermaid at heart, fresh Alaskan oysters are a yummy treat I enjoy! 

Not only is the food amazing, the various murals painted around Petersburg are a joy to look at while strolling around downtown. Downtown Petersburg is rich with shopping, history, art galleries, and more.

The culture and history of Petersburg is a huge draw for me. Check out the photos below to see why I love Petersburg so much. 

Check back next May when I return to Petersburg for The Little Norway Festival!


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