Lake Tahoe Boudoir Photography

Sitka Alaska Travel Boudoir Photographer

Recently I got the opportunity to travel from Sitka to Tahoe for a couple boudoir sessions with some lovely ladies, Natalie and Renee.

Natalie is a mother of six and brand new grandmother! For her session we wanted to explore the beautiful scenery around Lake Tahoe and pay homage to Mother Nature as well as empower Natalie for her roles as a grandmother. 

Natalie's shoot was done around Vikingsholm and the eagle falls trail. One shot was actually right next to the parking lot. Check out this #locationchallenge 


Renee - our other gorgeous babe featured in this post - has been a Truckee local for 11 years and is moving her life coach business  to Southern California this winter.

Before she moved she wanted to have a boudoir session at Lake Tahoe to have a reminder of her time here. Her session featured some fabulous outfits by  Miss Be Designs

As an aerial silks instructor Renee was ready for adventure. We were even able to photograph in the lake at 7:30am, and it was freezing despite the sun! But Renee was a total trooper! Looking at the images, you'd never know how chilly it actually was.

 Ladies - thank you for allowing me to share your images. You're both stunning!


Want to schedule a session in the Tahoe area?

I travel to Lake Tahoe 2-3 times a year contact me here to inquire about dates and availability!

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