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 In this blog post I am taking you with me to Juneau Alaska . I had a one week stay at the haunted Alaskan Hotel and Bar. Built in 1913 The Alaskan Hotel and Bar is the oldest operating hotel in Southeast Alaska. At various times it was both a legal and underground brothel.  The hotel was built in the late Victorian Queen Ann style and is absolutely charming. It was a pleasure staying there. 

The history of Juneau is a combination of Tlingit and the late 1800s gold rush time era. Today, Juneau is one of the main cruise ship ports in Southeast Alaska. With the tourism that pours in daily there are plenty of things to see and do in Juneau.

As an introvert I found myself going to some of the less traveled places in Juneau. For example the National Shrine of Saint Therese. Located 22 miles north of downtown Juneau, Saint Therese was the perfect place for me. The scenery and chapel are beautiful.

Back in the mix of downtown I went to the Valentine building to meet the Southeast Alaska Land Trust ladies. I worked with them to create images for one of the signs on the seawalk in Sitka. Next was a visit to one of the main historical sites in Juneau - Governor's Mansion and a new local curiosity the Harry Potter House!

One of my favorite places took me back to the Tlingit history I've grown accustomed to in Sitka. The Shuka Hit is a traditional clan house that the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian families lived in. As you will see below it's a stunning homage to the history in this area. 


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