Dancing in the snow

Charlie & Ariana

I woke up Tuesday morning and was preparing my morning coffee, thinking in my head about spending the week preparing my 2017 taxes. I happened to glance out the window and did a double take, “did it snow?!” I wondered with a growing sense of joy. I rushed to the front door to discover to my delight, inches of fresh glittery white powder. Instantly my thoughts turned to my camera. I have been planning a snowy engagement shoot with the loveliest couple since August and my opportunity had arrived! I knew in that moment that every plan I had for the next few days was now completely altered. I sent Ariana and Charlie a quick message “hey guys, we have snow! Are you ready to shoot today?” Unfortunately they were obligated to work but I knew I couldn't miss this golden opportunity. Quickly my brain formed a plan to shoot a glamour portrait session and I launched an immediate model call. The lovely Mrs. Claire Turner replied almost immediately and we were able to make some magic.


On Wednesday the snow was even better than the day before. In Sitka, Alaska the odds of a good winter snow are a coin toss. I was so excited to finally put my long awaited vision for Ariana and Charlie into motion. We trudged down a gorgeous snow covered forest path resembling a scene from Narnia to the most picturesque background imaginable, complete with white capped mountains in the distance. This couple's love for one another just radiates out of them and I only had to ask them to dance in the snow to capture some beautiful moments.

Snowy Engagement Photoshoot

Snowy Engagement Photoshoot

Snow sessions in Sitka are special and limited. I take 3 reservations per year. To claim a spot email me at info@embracealaska.com