Alaska Mermaid Photography

Southeast Alaska Mermaid Project

When I was a child, any time I was in the water I would dream I was a mermaid. And as I became an adult, I realized that this dream had stayed with me all these years.

With the help of custom mermaid tails, magic, and a little imagination, I was able to bring my dream of being a mermaid alive. I've also had the immeasurable privilege of doing that for others as well. 

Through my Southeast Alaska Mermaid Project, I have been able to work with and photograph ten local women with the same dream as me throughout Sitka and Juneau, Alaska. 

Here is what some of the women had to say about the experience:

"I had my mermaid shoot with Carrie over the weekend and if you've been thinking about but have been hesitant to do a shoot, seriously JUST DO IT! I was seriously nervous in the beginning, but Carrie made me feel sooo comfortable and I had such an amazing time! I would do it again in a heartbeat. I normally wouldn't post something like this of me for people to see but I want everyone to be able to have the experience that I did!! Thank you so much Carrie!"

"Thank you Carrie for my gorgeous photos! My husband thanks you too.  Your mermaid art show will be amazing! Thank you for the opportunity, coming to Juneau, and giving me memories I’ll cherish forever."

Check out some of the highlights from my most recent mermaid sessions:


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