Bare Skin Boudoir


At Bare Skin Boudoir we believe that beautiful is not defined by a size, shape, or age. You can be sexy in anything you choose because sexy is a sensation, not an appearance.


Family to me is what you make it

I’ve been a single mom for over 7 years now and have made my own little family with my daughter, our husky, and 2 cats. The pack of us moved up to Alaska together in 2017.


My current life actually started right here…

In the pit of the Lady Savage, back in 2013 I discovered that Alaska would have at least part of my heart forever. I also discovered that somehow I am almost fearless when it comes to adventure.


Never stop looking forward…


What I believe about you

  • You are braver than you think you are

  • Your beauty is not defined by a size, shape or age

  • You can be sexy in anything you choose because sexy is a sensation not an appearance

  • You are more than your job, or your relationship status, or if you’re a mom or not

  • It’s OK to work like a man and still feel like a woman

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An experience for YOU

“I did a boudoir shoot with Carrie this last July and it was the most amazing experience! I was originally very nervous because I had never done any kind of photoshoot before, but by the end of the shoot I just wanted to do it all over again! She got down and dirty with showing me how to do all the positions and I'm so thankful cause I had no idea what I was doing and I felt so comfortable! It was so incredibly worth it, thank you Carrie!!”


About Me

I’m Carrie, your photographer and my mission is to create an experience that will leave you feeling on top of the world and show you how beautiful you truly are! We will work together to create beautiful art featuring you at your best. I would love to help you see yourself in a new light and the best part is leaving feeling on top of the world and knowing how gorgeous you truly are!


Crossing bridges…

I seem to like doing this. Twice now I have made far away relocations, moving my entire life for a new adventure!


What I believe about boudoir

  • It is much more than just an image

  • I have never felt more fulfilled by any other work.

  • Boudoir art helps women escape the box of “beauty standards” and ‘gender roles”

  • Boudoir is a powerful tool for life transformation

  • It is everyone, every body type, age, etc

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Southeast Alaska and the Pacific Northwest Destination Boudoir

Bare Skin Boudoir’s main studio is located in beautiful Sitka Alaska. My second studio is located in Lake Tahoe, Ca. Other destinations are always available, contact me with any special requests.


Bare Skin is Pet Friendly..

My furbabies are extremely friendly and love to jump into photo shoots. Please let me know ahead of time if you have extreme allergies so I can keep them separate and provide allergy medicine for you,