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Bare Skin Boudoir

An Intimate Portrait Experience

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An Affair with

Self Love

At Bare Skin we want all bodies to embrace their individual beauty…

I believe every BODY deserves to love themselves for exactly who they are and be passionate about their self love without holding back.

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Love from the ladies

See yourself in a new light

“Carrie is warm and welcoming when you meet her; she instantly feels like a long time friend/sister...These sessions are such a special treat and I highly recommend women to experience the opportunity to capture your beauty in a way that you can cherish for a lifetime.  It was really a self esteem booster!”

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Sitka Alaska, and Beyond


Bare Skin Boudoir is based out of Sitka, Alaska with a second location in Lake Tahoe, Ca. We also regularly serve locations throughout Southeast Alaska and the Pacific Northwest such as Juneau, Alaska; Petersburg, Alaska; Humboldt County, California; Napa Valley, California; and many other regions.

I hope you become so full of self love and feminine power that it heals every part of you.
— Natalie Brite
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